Top 5 Reasons to Declare Bankruptcy

With the economy slowly recovering, many people are struggling with debts from credit cards and medical bills. Any change in a person’s financial situation can trigger a crisis; job loss or sudden illness often causes mortgage defaults or missed car payments. Individuals that have taken on more debt than they can handle may have to start considering filing bankruptcy. What most people do not understand is that filing bankruptcy is a very smart and strategic step towards financial recovery. Bankruptcy makes it possible to eliminate credit card and medical debt while keeping necessities such as the family home and car and all personal belongings.

Should I Declare Bankruptcy

If you are thinking about bankruptcy, most people choose to either file Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy depending on the particular types of debts. Some people believe that they cannot afford a lawyer to help them file bankruptcy, but that should not stop someone from talking to a lawyer about whether filing is a good idea, and whether a person qualifies or not.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney is the best place to start learning more about whether bankruptcy makes sense for you. Here are a few reasons to hire a lawyer to handle your case:

Bankruptcy Law is Complex

The process of filing bankruptcy is challenging and there are local rules for filing correctly. A good bankruptcy lawyer is aware of the filing requirements in your area, as well as the procedures in the courtroom and the bankruptcy rules. A good lawyer is also familiar with the procedures and can deal with all the complexities to make the process smooth for you.

A Lawyer Will Advise Regarding the Chapter that Suits You

A person must be qualified to file bankruptcy. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will help you to determine the bankruptcy chapter that is best for your situation.

Lawyers Offer Protection From Harassment by Creditors

A good bankruptcy attorney can stop creditors from making collection calls. After file bankruptcy, local rules require creditors to stop making calls. It is also a violation of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. With a lawyer, you save time and reduce stress and can focus on taking action to rebuild your finances.

Lawyers Help You with Your Paperwork

The bankruptcy filing process requires a lot of paperwork. The process also requires a collection of numerous supporting documents to accompany the petition filed with the court. A professional bankruptcy attorney takes care of all that is needed for the filing; pulling your credit report, listing all creditors, and carefully preparing the petition. The lawyer can also give legal advice that you cannot obtain from a document preparer.

A Lawyer Provides Knowledge and Experience

When you do not have a comprehensive understanding of bankruptcy law, it is difficult to go through the entire process on your own. If you prefer to meet with our Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney you can call in to schedule for an appointment. For individuals out of the Los Angeles area, phone consultations make it easy to quickly answer your questions. Our attorneys are available to help you figure out if filing bankruptcy makes sense for you.

If you are in need of a bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles is home to Consumer Action Law Group. Call and talk to our highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers for free. We help individuals to file bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 to eliminate debt and stop foreclosure. Call today: 818-254-8413

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