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The Lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group have years of experience helping consumers in California stop foreclosure through mortgage litigation, get money back from car dealerships scams and eliminate their debt through bankruptcy. Our Attorneys offer Free Legal Consultations over the phone or in person to determine what legal options our firm can offer. We'll answer all of your questions outline the next steps to take action in your case.

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Los Angeles Foreclosure Lawyers Saving Homes

During our free consultation we will address ‘What is Foreclosure?’ and what foreclosure law is available to protect you. We will focus on your particular situation and provide you with the most up to date foreclosure information and best options to save your home.

Your search to Find a lawyer in Los Angeles, California has led you to the right place. At Consumer Action Law Group, we will fight to help you keep your home. We offer a one hour free legal advice consultation and we provide foreclosure prevention help.

If you are looking for a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles or thinking about filing Bankruptcy, the best way to find a lawyer is to call and meet with a lawyer to discuss your goals. A good Bankruptcy lawyer will help you to get rid of your debt and also protect any assets that you have, like a house or a car.

Before you hire a lawyer to file a bankruptcy, you should arrange to meet or talk to a lawyer; schedule a Free Consultation with a Lawyer by calling 818-254-8413. Make sure that you make a fully informed decision and pay a reasonable fee for representation.

Free Legal Advice on Bankruptcy or Foreclosure

  1. Free Means test – Do you qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection?

  2. Do you qualify for getting rid of your second mortgage?

  3. Are there any clouds see if you have any clouds on title?

  4. See if you have any recorded Notice Of Default or Notice of Trustee Sale

  5. Find out if there are any clouds on title or mechanics’ liens on your property

  6. Find out if you can get rid of old IRS debt

  7. Find out if you can get rid of a judgment

  8. Find out if you can stop a wage garnishment or repossession of a car.

  9. Find out if you can sue your lender

  10. Find out if you can restructure your mortgage and lower your payments with and interest rate or balance reduction.

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Los Angeles Foreclosure Lawyers and Bankruptcy Attorneys

One way to avoid foreclosure is to seek Bankruptcy help from a law firm with Bankruptcy experience that understands Mortgage Foreclosure. Because our attorneys are knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws and procedures as well as foreclosure laws and litigation, we are part of a small category of Lawyers in Los Angeles with well rounded experience to protect your home and improve your credit.

If you are looking for a Debt lawyer to help improve your credit and eliminate creditor harassment, we may be able to help you. We provide a free consultation with one of our attorneys to evaluate your circumstances and determine whether you qualify to file a bankruptcy.

To help catch you up on mortgage payments and stop interest, penalties, and fees from accruing against you, your search for Attorneys for Bankruptcy has led you to the right place. We are able to propose a repayment plan that works best for you by which your creditors must abide.

Save your Home and Eliminate Your Debt

To learn How to Save Your Home call our firm and speak to an attorney today. We will evaluate whether your Lenders has engaged in Illegal Lending Practices and we will discuss How to Stop Foreclosure by filing a Bankruptcy or a Foreclosure lawsuit.

In addition to fighting foreclosure, we may be able to simultaneously Eliminate Debt acquired through Credit Cards and further qualify you for assistance with your Lenders. We offer Debt Solutions to help you Get Out of Debt as well as save your home. In many instances Lenders look to see whether you are Debt Free before exploring options to avoid foreclosure because Lenders expect you to be able to afford your mortgage payments.

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If you are located in Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, Orange County, or Ventura County schedule a free in person consultation with a Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Lawyer at our firm. During your consultation, we will offer Legal Advice that best fits your situation. For an over the phone Free Consultation Attorney, call our office to schedule a time to speak with our Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Lawyers.

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