Our Car Dealership Attorneys Fight Car Dealer Auto Fraud

Did you get scammed by a used car dealer? Our auto fraud attorney sues car dealers for fraud. Call today for a free case evaluation.

Most car buyers have doubts when buying a car from used car salesmen. Although many dealers run honest dealerships that strive to comply with consumer laws, there are still a huge number of cases involving car dealer frauds that are happening every day.

Some used car salesmen who desperately need the commission will do anything to make the sale. Every day, we hear stories of car buyers that have been lied to so the dealer could close a deal.

Car Dealership Fraud Includes:

  • Buying a car that is sold at a price above the price in the advertisement
  • Hiding accidents and frame damage
  • Gouging creditworthy buyers for high-interest rates
  • Recalibrating odometers to lower the mileage

Buying a used car may sometimes cost you more than purchasing a brand new car. Taking your car for repairs and parts replacement may even put you at further risk for being scammed by dishonest car repairmen who also prey on buyers to make money. If you discovered that you overpaid for your car or paid an unreasonably high finance rate, you may still be able to get your money back by filing a lawsuit for dealership fraud. If you think your car was defective when you bought it, or in a prior accident, you should call and talk to our auto fraud attorney today.

If you believe that your car dealer lied to you, you should immediately consult with our car attorney so you can know your options and the entire process of filing a lawsuit. Our auto fraud attorney can negotiate with the car dealer on your behalf to see if any settlement can be made to get your money back and cancel a bad contract. Filing a lawsuit against a dishonest car dealer can be a long and complex legal process. If you think you have a case against your car dealer, you probably need an auto dealer fraud attorney with a great track record of fighting against dealers to help car buyers get their money back.

The auto fraud attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group have the experience handling legal cases against car dealers. Do not let yourself become a victim of car dealer frauds, call us now and our dedicated auto fraud attorney will fight for your rights as a consumer.

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