Auto Fraud Lawyer for Bad Car Sale

We are auto fraud lawyers that sue car dealerships for bad car sale practices. Speak to our auto lawyers immediately if this happened to you:

  • You bought a car and paid more than the advertised price
  • You bought a car and it broke down soon after you drove off the lot
  • You bought a car without being told that it has been in an accident or that it is defective or has frame damage.
  • You bought a car with a warranty that the dealer won’t honor, or you are being told that your repair is not covered due to an exclusion.

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A Car Lawyer Can Enforce Your Rights

A car lawyer can enforce your rights if the car dealership had sold you a bad vehicle. It is usually difficult for a consumer to sue the dealership without a car lawyer by their side. There are several steps that must be taken in order to get the dealership to give you your money back, pay for your repairs, or have you return your vehicle and cancel your contract.

Under California law, car buyers are legally able to sue their dealers for not telling the truth about the vehicle. Our legal team gathers evidence for a lawsuit against dealers that rip off buyers. Used car dealer fraud is common, if you are a victim, we can help you get the justice you deserve. Our car lawyers for bad car deals will help to spot any signs of fraud to help you determine if you have a case.

Our Auto Fraud Lawyers Can Help You:

  •  Get your money back
  •  Return your bad car to the dealer and get out of your contract
  •  Keep your car, but make the dealer pay for repairs or pre-existing damage

Our auto fraud attorneys sue car dealerships for fraud and scams such as:

  • Selling the vehicle for more than the advertised price
  • Hiding and failing to disclose prior accidents
  • Hiding and failing to disclose prior use as a rental car
  • Hiding and failing to disclose prior frame damage
  • Hiding or failing to disclose prior engine defects and major repairs
  • Breaking up the down payment into amounts to pay later [Deferred]
  • Adding additional options or features without your consent

How Auto Lawyers Can Help If You Have Bought A Bad Car

Auto lawyers are very helpful for consumers who purchased a bad car because they can apply legal pressure on the dealership that sold the bad vehicle. When consumers buy bad or defective vehicles, it may be difficult for them to actually get the dealership to give them what the law entitles them to.

There are several actions that auto lawyers can take to legally pressure the dealership. One of the actions is sending the dealership a demand letter that expresses how the car buyer has been wronged and what they are demanding in response to the wrongful action. The dealership usually has 30 days to respond to the demand letter, but they do not always respond.

In the event that the dealership gives no response, certain legal steps must be taken to legally force the dealer to compensate you for selling you a bad car. Usually, this is where the auto lawyer files a lawsuit against the dealership.

Car Dealership Lawyer at the Right Time

When hiring a car dealership lawyer, it is important to consider where you are in the process with your vehicle and if you qualify. Each auto fraud case is different, so it’s best to contact a car dealership lawyer as soon as possible to receive an evaluation.

Before calling a car dealership lawyer you should consider getting all the necessary details ready for your auto fraud case. This includes knowing which parties are involved and the details of the damages, such as evidence of fraudulent sales practices. There are several actions that our car dealership lawyers can take to compensate you for your damages and help you spot signs of car fraud to continue a valid case.

If you need a car attorney for suing car dealership, call (818) 254-8413 for immediate legal protection.

Our Auto Fraud Attorneys Can Help You Sue Car Dealerships on Contingent Fees

auto fraud lawyersOur auto fraud attorneys can help you to cancel bad contracts, return your vehicle, and get every penny you have paid for your car under the California consumer laws. Our team of auto lawyers will take the time to research your car’s history, and we can find evidence of auto fraud when the dealer lies to buyers. Many times, our clients are unaware of any issues until our auto fraud attorneys analyze the contract and the vehicle history report revealing the truth.

The experience you can trust: Our auto lawyers have decades of experience and have successfully helped hundreds of clients win their cases against fraudulent car dealers.

For FREE legal consultations and free case evaluation, call (818) 254-8413

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